Saturday, December 29, 2012

Emma Bound

Emma Bound - An Erotic BDSM Story

18 Plus Only

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The next story in the Emma Unleashed Series has just been released. It is, I believe, steamier than ever. Now Emma has to go even further to keep Mr. Grant's interest. He hires Asian bondage masters to train his servants and entertain his friends. Can Emma that the power of these powerful, stern masters?

 Remember that the story begins with Emma's very first interview with Grant Enterprises in Emma Unleashed. It continues with Private Bondage Party - a very private affair in the famous Medieval Room!

Each of these is self-contained stories, but the stories continue in each book.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Private Bondage Party

Private Bondage Party 

-- Adult Content -- Bondage Erotica -- 18 Plus Only

Private Bondage Party

This is a sequel to Emma Unleashed. You can buy Private Bondage Party On Amazon right now.

Emma is both excited and nervous to find out the Mr. Grant has invited her to a private bondage party in the infamous Medieval Room of his bondage club. She expects a little kinky action, but little does Emma know that she will have to uncover her true sensuality in front of a roomful of wealthy members. She will have to endure delicious torment before she can earn what she really desires - some private time with Mr. Grant!

This story contains fairly explicit scenes in a kinky BDSM club. They include bondage, domination, rope bondage, food control, light whipping, erotic clothes, and some sexual situations. 

Emma Unleashed

Emma Unleashed 

Adult Themes - BDSM - 18 Plus Only

Emma Unleashed Book Summary

-- Mature Content - Adults Only --  18 + --

You can buy Emma Unleashed on Amazon right now.

Emma is a 27 year old college graduate with only freelance work and a heap of student loans. She is surprised and delighted when Mr. Grant of Grant Ventures ask her to interview for a very well paying full-time editor position with his firm. She is a bit put off by the erotic artwork lining the walls and the erotic books on the waiting room table. But hey, Emma doesn't consider herself  prude. She has edited Romance books before, and she has no problem working with the genre.

When she finally meets the mysterious and charismatic millionaire owner of Grant Ventures, Emma is unprepared for the way she is attracted to his power, sexuality, and pure male dominance. She is also shocked to learn that Grant Ventures runs private BDSM clubs in the contemporary office building where they also run their publishing arm.

Before the day is out, Mr. Grant successfully seduces Emma. She becomes the rising star of his stable of exotic stable of submissive females. He uncovers her destiny and she years for his embrace. But Mr. Grant is firmly in control.

Emma has a new job and a new destiny!